OK Soda Section

This section of my page is dedicated to the memory of OK Soda.

OK Soda was a short lived soda made by the Coca-Cola Company. It never managed to sell outside of the test market although its popularity (at least in my home town) was quite high. The soda was not like any other, and most people could not even describe the taste. Some people claim to have found ways to mix other sodas to create the same taste, but I have yet to find any mixes which are as good as the real thing.

OK Soda was abnormal in more than taste alone; it also had strange promotions. The soda came in a variety of different bottles and cans at any given time, and the styles changed within a few "generations" of OK Soda. There was also the very popular 1-800-I-FEEL-OK phone number. This phone number had many different things that could be done, and on rare occasions it would present a different set of options. Below is something which some people search long and hard to find: a set of sounds from the OK Soda Hotline!

OK Coincidences
16 Kbps Stream Downloadable 16 Kbps
Set 1 Set 1
Set 2 Set 2
Set 3 Set 3
Set 4 Set 4
Set 5 Set 5
Set 6 Set 6
Set 7 Set 7
Set 8 Set 8
Set 9 Set 9
Set 10 Set 10
Set 11 Set 11
Set 12 Set 12
Set 13 Set 13
Set 14 Set 14
Set 15 Set 15
Set 16 Set 16

Other OK Audio
16 Kbps Stream Downloadable 16 Kbps
10 point OK Soda manifesto 10 point OK Soda manifesto
OK birds OK birds
1-800-I-FEEL-OK problem 1-800-I-FEEL-OK problem
An OK poem An OK poem
Just listen... Just listen...
OK thoughts OK thoughts
OK tune OK tune

All of these files are in RealAudio format. Most were encoded using RealProducer G2, but the birds and poem were encoded with an old version (3.0, I believe). I could not find my original files for the birds and poem, so the file types cannot be updated.

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